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8 Foot Sand Tiger Shark Caught from the Beach

This is a report from a trip we made to Cape Hatteras NC!

NCSharker and I decided to go to Hatteras on a whim to see if we could catch the big one.

Just got on the beach, getting the bait rod together.

We got this guy at the docks where the party boats come in.
NCSharker has a way of talking to people that makes them want to give him free things.
This was one of those things.

Cut in half and awaiting rigging.

It was so fresh. We actually ate some of it. It looks gross in the picture, but it was actually really good!

Locked and loaded.

Jason had that chunk out there all day and brought in a skeleton.

We actually caught this on a king head. A tiger without stripes. 😯
This is my biggest so far.

The bait was out around 550-600 becuase I was into my backing while the rod was in the holder.
I was watching it and all of a sudden it went slack. I tightened it up. It slacked up again.
I ran up the beach to set the hooks.

I though I had a smaller shark on. It didn’t really fight much, except for a little run when we got it to the bar.

It was hooked deep, so we didn’t measure, just cut and released asap.
Estimated 8′-8’6″, 200lbs-225lbs. Was a very FAT shark. (It took both of us to drag her back)
Swam away fine after a few photos.

The beach goers were a little scared to go back into the water after the release. :) We told them to give it a few minutes and they should be fine.

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