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Catching Tiger Sharks from Shore

Catching a Tiger Shark from shore is an awesome accomplishment.  I’ve been fishing for sharks for 5 or so years before I got lucky enough to catch one.  This is the story. 

We had 3 baits out, rigged with mullet, yakked approx 500 yards.  The warm summer night was conducive to catching.  We had caught 2 blacktip sharks and one finetooth shark before everything got quiet.  We were sitting on the beach, in for the long haul, waiting for a reel to sing. 

A few hours later, I saw the tip of one of the rods start to bend.  I ran up to the rod, set the hook, and started fighing the fish.  The fight didn’t take too long. Well, I let everyone in my crew fight it for a little bit (Penn 9500, oceanmaster heavy, braid).  We put the fish on the sand, my girlfriend took a few pics, I took the hooks out, and released the shark.  I didn’t take the time to measure it as I wanted to release it as quickly as possible.  I’de guess around 5’6″ to 6′.  This is my first Tiger Shark.

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