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Land Based Tiger Shark Caught from the Beach



so after work i desided i was going to give it another shot i mean why not the fishing has been hot. so my boss and his wife want to go with me and i am not the guy that wont take someone fishing so heck yea lets go. unfortunetly justin stewart couldent come on this trip but hey i wish you were there buddy. so i yakked out 2 baits on the 6/0s. and it was dead all night. so about 2:00 we deside to call it a night and start packing up. and as me and WES (my boss) were putting the yakk on the truck zzzz…………………..zzzzz………………………zzzzzz realy slow so i let the fish take it and then wam the hooks were set. it felt like a good fish but i will say i thought it was a sandy. but it just ran alot harder. well KATHY (bosses wife) had never caught a shark befor so i let here reel it in and helped her with the rod and line stuff. so the fish gets in to the wash and i grab the leader and then i see a tail i havent seen before. at first i thought it mite be a blacktip but the fight was so differant. and thenit roled and i freaked it was my first tiger shark well our first tiger shark. she was so perty . she wasent big but hey it was a tiger. we realeased the fish , finished packin up and went home. guys this week is one for the books for us here in NC i think we should all go out and play the lotery. jason

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  1. jeff klein Says:

    At the end of June 09, me and 2 friends took a ride out to the General Sherman. Six miles out the Little River Inlet in South Carolina. The ocean was calm, which was great for a 16 foot Starcraft (alumimum hull) made in the early 70’s. Anchored for some time, we noticed 7 ft sharks circling us. I had my Penn #6 reel hooked with a short wire leader and a small hook, with a dead Pogie. I heard the slow click click click and pulled the pole. A shark came up from under the boat and was swimming about 10 feet away, 5 feet down. Then he turned and I saw the striped markings and I just stared at it. My brother in-law woke me up with the comment that it was a Tiger Shark and said cut the line. I said no, I’m going to fight it. I had 30 seconds with a 7 or 8 foot Tiger Shark. Not many people can say they saw a Tiger in the water, let alone hook one. I feel priviledged. A dive boat was a hundred yards away, I wondered if they saw it?

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