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North Carolina Blacktip Shark

This is a report from one of our trips.

Finally back from IRAQ! Missed you man!

Nice day in NC. We get to the beach around 8 AM. And start rigging.

NCSHARKER takes out a huge chunk of Tuna on his 12/0. Yakked around 650 yards right. It was a nice day to yak.

NOJ is next up with a huge ray for his 12/0. Yakked around 700 yards left.

I’m up next. Smaller ray for the 12/0 yakked 450 yards straight out.

With the big rods out successfully. We put out a 6/0hlw, diawa slosh50, and a 9/0. These rods were yakked out just past the bar.

With all the rods out, it’s time for the eagle kite.

Julie having a talk with my 12. Sing baby, sing.

Release bag and cast net.

A little while later, the slosh 50 starts to roll. Noj is up.

First shark in. Time for the flag kite.

Me having a talk with my 12. Sing baby, sing.

These make dropping bait so much better.

Next up, the 6/0 screams like only a blacktip can make it. Julie is on it! Sorry for the sideways pictures.

The big rods sat untouched. When we brought them in, there were some bites taken, but nothing too major. Anyway, it was a fun day at the beach.

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