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Welcome to North Carolina Shark Fishing

Hello everyone, welcome to North Carolina Shark Fishing, sister site of Texas Shark Fishing.

I have been fishing for sharks on the NC coast for a few years now and will share some of my experience with you on this site.

Before I get too ahead of myself, let me give you the background story.  I’m originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and have been fishing since I’ve been big enough to hold a rod and reel.  In PA, I used to fish for Trout, Steelhead, Panfish, and big Catfish.  I did pretty good.  I found myself constantly trying new methods to catch more and bigger fish.

So it’s only natural that during family vacations to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I started fishing in the ocean.  It didn’t take me long to find my way to some of NC’s awesome piers.  While fishing one night, I watched a pier fisherman land a 4 foot shark.  I haven’t been the same since.  The next year on vacation, I caught my own.

Flash foreword, I live in Wilmington, NC, the atlantic ocean is my backyard, I own more fishing gear than my girlfriend thinks I should, and I still love shark fishing!

2 Responses to “Welcome to North Carolina Shark Fishing”

  1. Matt Says:

    Hey love your site and info. I too am from the burgh, and am trying to get better info on land based shark fishing and your site has helped me out quite a bit. Can’t wait to get access to the forums been trying to access for months now.
    Keep the info coming it’s has helped me out alot.

  2. Chris Loveland Says:

    From Cleveland here, southeast Ohio now but I’ve spent a ton of time fishing at the beach. Hawaii most recently. What an adventure. I found myself totally out-gunned and have spent most of the past week doing research on this site and on tackle vendor sites. Any advice specific to NC fishing would be greatly appreciated. So far I am looking at a Penn 6/0, a Diawa x40 HA and an XH 12′ ugly stik. Any thoughts? Also, I keep reading posts from guys who waited months for access. Is this the norm? Is there anything I can do to speed the process? Anyway, I have a kayak and alot of camping gear, I’ll have suitable tackle soon I hope. Since NC is closest I anticipate an early spring trip. Again, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am looking at Carolina Beach as a most likely destination. I am trying to recruit buddys but most of them have kids or lack my cool wife who has adapted to my fishing obsession.

    tight lines,


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